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Current Contest #KidFashTalent (Submissions Deadline-December 1, 2019)



1st [email protected]

2nd [email protected]

3rd [email protected]_alexus

4th [email protected]

5th [email protected]

6th [email protected]

7th [email protected]

8th [email protected]_kaye_

9th [email protected]_land

10th [email protected]


#KidFashTalent Contest Information:

1. Contest Cost $25 to Enter (secures a spot in the Top 100)
2. Picture must be from one of our SELECT Photographers
3. Contact us via Instagram (@kidfashmagazine), FB (KidFash Magazine), or Email ([email protected]) to show interest
4.  There will be 10 Rounds of 10 Models each (1 WINNER per Round)
5. Once we have 10 Models, a Round will start (Pics will be posted and voting will begin)
6. Go FOLLOW all JUDGES (They won’t pick you if you aren’t FOLLOWING them)
7. Voting takes place on our Instagram and Facebook pages
8. Each JUDGE will pick their favorite 3 Models (from each round) and rank them in order from 1st – 3rd
9. Only 10 Winners will be chosen (1 from each Round)
10. If all 10 Rounds don’t fill up, KidFash and JUDGES will pick the remaining WINNERS from all of the contestants who didn’t win
11. Winnings (Full page picture printed in our magazine, “Top 10 Model” bag, Free shirt, and a Free Magazine)

Break Down of Point Scale


1st Highest Likes    =   5 Points
2nd Highest Likes  =  4 Points
3rd Highest Likes   =  3 Points
4th Highest Likes   =  2 Points
5th Highest Likes   =  1 Point


3 Points for each JUDGE that picks you as their 1st choice
2 Points for each JUDGE that picks you as their 2nd choice
1 Point for each JUDGE that picks you as their 3rd choice

***All points will be added to determine the WINNER for each Round***



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