KIDFASH Fashion Show Brooklyn

The KIDFASH Anti-Bullying Fashion Show Tour (Brooklyn, NY) will be held Saturday, November 4th.

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Recap from NY

The KIDFASH Anti-Bullying Fashion Show Tour (Brooklyn) will be held Saturday, November 4th, at 3905 2nd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11232. We are super excited about this show as our Co-Host will be Sensational Singers Vivian Hicks and Ruby Jay. Our show will feature many local models as well as our cover models. The show itself will promote many local businesses including clothing boutiques, designers, as well as makeup artists and haistylists within New York. We will also have an original choreographed dance sequence by Lilly K (from Dance Moms) and Jade (one of our 1st Cover Models). Our designers are coming from all over the United States including: New York, New Jersey, California, and even one designer from Europe. We will also have DJ Livia (9 yo) from the Ellen Show and TMT (The Money Team) hosting the show and our After-Party! This will be a party you don’t want to miss!!!

KidFash Magazine produces these shows for one major reason… to bring AWARENESS to Anti-Bullying!

25% of all proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization Bullies Reality! We can’t wait! Hope to see you there!!!!

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Hosted by Sensational Singers Ruby Jay & Vivian Hicks!!!

Look for 10 yo Celebrity Photographer/Reporter @photoswithmadison as she will be covering the show!!!

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